Do you Iron?!? Is that even still a thing?

11 years ago when I got married, you can bet I added an ironing board to my registry. I remember using it about 4 times and then it just collected dust after that. I remember thinking I could be doing something productive like watching  "Real World/Road Rules Challenge" or exercising (while watching RW/RRC of course.) Or basically anything else in the world that requires time. 

From there on out I have never ironed again. In my defense, as soon as my laundry is fresh out of the dryer I fold it. Immediately! I do not let it sit. I fold it and put it away.

Here come the hacks in case you may have forgotten your laundry in the dryer and they are now a wrinkled mess. Although how could you now a days because the washer and dryers sing you classical music for 10 minutes after they are done. 

Hack #1 If you have accidentally left your laundry in the dryer for hours (or days. I won't judge) throw a handful of ice cubes in your dryer and set it on 20 mins. This will steam your clothes and make them wrinkle free. Just don't forget them again. (I may have repeated this process for a week with one load.)

Hack #2 If you do need to unwrinkle a hem, collar etc. Use your FLAT IRON!!! Smart, right? First, make sure the clothing can be ironed. Set your straightener on the lowest setting and then let it work its magic. It is amazing for men's dress shirt collars. 

Hack #3 If you do need to unwrinkle a piece of clothing, even if it's only once in awhile for a fancy night out, invest in a handheld steamer. They are small and compact and perfect for travel. I have the handheld Pax steamer. Heats up quick, easy to use, leaves no wet marks, and is sooo much easier then ironing. 

If you do still iron, I know there are plenty of you. You are amazing. I don't have the patience. But I'm sure you always look nicely pressed!